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Why you should use our Strategy Implementation Platform (SIP®)

Strategy Implementation Platform (SIP®)

Our Strategy Implementation Framework is encompassed in our Microsoft based platform (SIP®). This Platform as a Service (PaaS) interfaces with Project Online, Project Professional and Power BI, providing digital automation of our framework and a single source of truth from where business sponsors and executives can measure implementation of their strategy and business benefits, and make investment-based portfolio, program, and project decisions on precise real time data from their business leadership, program, and operational teams.

This digital automation provides substantial leverage and financial program economies of scale in the region of 15% per annum year on year across total portfolio spend. In addition, there is reduced delivery risk, a better-connected team with high levels of motivation and performance and a reduction in staff and supplier/delivery partner turnover.

The reasons why you should implement automation in Project Management

According to Gartner and the Emerging Trends for Project Management in Post COVID-19 Era in 2021, these are the top 4 reasons for you to implement automation in Project Management


· Allows you to focus more on the project

· Gives you more time to work on more intensive and complicated issues

· Gives you more time to communicate with your team which leads to a more efficient work and problem-solving result

· Allows you to network with your stakeholders, solving issues, and driving strategic values

Do you want to learn more about our SIP®? Do you want to improve your efficiency to increase your company’s success? Then book in a free 15-minute discovery session where we will explore your organisation's Programs and Projects' current status, and we will work through the first 3 steps of our approach together to plan the next steps.

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