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[7] AIPM Conference Talk: Predaptive Delivery

At the 2023 AIPM National Conference, our team found one of the highlights to be the talks delivered by visionary speakers, that not only captivated the audience but also left an indelible mark of inspiration. Each speaker brought a unique perspective, sharing valuable insights, groundbreaking ideas, and thought-provoking experiences. The final talk from the conference which I will be sharing key takeaways on, was given by Mr Alex Lyaschenko, founder and CEO of Salute Enterprises. He is a Project Planning & Delivery consultant with over 20 years of experience in project portfolio management across different industries and countries. Alex has worked within multiple portfolio and program offices to support organisations to implement best scheduling practices, helping organisations build their vision, implement PPM tools and upskill project delivery teams.

Alex introduced the idea of "Predaptive Delivery," which was an innovative project management concept made from the combination of 'predictive' and 'adaptive.'

PredAptive = Predictive + Adaptive

It merged the traditional predictive (waterfall) and adaptive (Agile) approaches, offering a more dynamic and responsive strategy.

Throughout his talk, Alex prompted us to think about:

  • What does Hybrid delivery actually mean?

  • Can projects be predictive and adaptive at the same time?

  • Why might recognised delivery methods not work?

  • Which innovative methods are required for AI be effective in planning? 

He also gave multiple analogies to describe this innovative concept; for example, he likened project management to GPS systems, advocating for conditional scheduling that provides a map with various possible pathways, allowing for flexibility and adjustments. Through the example of making tea, he also highlighted the consideration of reverse dependencies for feasibility, as seemingly independent steps can reveal interdependencies when specific conditions are met.

"Predaptive delivery" emerges as a compelling proposition, aiming to integrate the strengths of predictive and adaptive methodologies, introducing a nuanced and forward-thinking approach to project management.

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