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We’ve pioneered a principle-based, award-winning* program delivery approach that guarantees sustainable results. 

*Really- PMLogic's CEO helped set up and run the PMO for the Commonwealth Bank’s Falcon – Foreign Exchange Transformation Program, lauded as the ‘most complex Integration Program the Bank had ever undertaken”. It won the Commonwealth Bank CEO Annual Award for Delivery Excellence.

Research has shown that high-performing organisations tend to have systematic and consistently applied principles and approaches to their program delivery operating model.  Here's ours.

The 5 Ps of Strategy Implementation to DELIVER

Throughout the entire process, PMLogic consistently applies a 5Ps systems model:

  • Purpose 

  • People 

  • Practice 

  • Platform 

  • Performance 


Our model helps you assess and understand the alignment of your strategy and operating model elements and to benchmark an indication of your future improved performance: 

Image by Heidi Fin
Working Together


We begin with a Discovery and Examination of your existing Strategy delivery framework.  From Lessons Learned, we develop a target operating model.  This model will help standardise how future program, project and organisational change management can be more consistently applied whilst maintaining operational stability where needed. 

This simple 3-step assessment will provide recommendations and a high-level roadmap to transition to each Tranche of the target operating model. 


  • Analyses: SWOT & PESTLEC (Political Economic Social Technological Legislative Environmental Cultural)

  • Workshops 

  • Reports 


In conjunction with your team, leveraging the knowledge we learned in Discover/Examine/Learn, we develop an implementation plan and support you to implement the plan. New policies and practices are applied to programs and projects with a view to establishing clear roles and responsibilities and a continuous improvement regime.  

Potential deliverables: 

  • Business Case 

  • Project/Program plan 

  • Digital platform set-up/configuration 

  • Resourcing and talent acquisition 

  • Targeted training and staff upskilling 

In a Meeting


Throughout the implementation process, we continue validating that what is being delivered still aligns to your strategy, and evaluating to check outputs, capabilities and outcomes against the desired benefits. 


  • Feedback forms 

  • Reporting 

  • Health checks  

  • Benefit harvesting and realisation reviews 


Finally, we reinforce the newly established ways of working with your executives and their teams, so that your organisation can reap the benefits of the project or program long after we’ve left the building. We ensure that all processes, learnings and the target operating model ‘stick’ and become embedded and sustainably managed in your improved on-going business ways of working.  

We also regularly revisit the 5 Ps to gain agreement on the appropriate level of evolution and adjustments, ultimately so you can achieve a delivery maturity level that meets your business needs.  


  • Workshops 

  • Assessments 

Business People Applauding

Discover our approach in action

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