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[5] AIPM Conference Talk: Will AI replace the Project Manager?

At the 2023 AIPM National Conference, our team found one of the highlights to be the talks delivered by visionary speakers, that not only captivated the audience but also left an indelible mark of inspiration. Each speaker brought a unique perspective, sharing valuable insights, groundbreaking ideas, and thought-provoking experiences.

This particular talk was given by Ms Tamara Mirkovic, a Certified Practicing Project Director and winner of the Digital Transformation & Data Leader for Australia's Women in Digital National Awards in 2022. Tamara has 20 years experience as a Project Manager specialising in digital innovation, big data platforms, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) with a particular interest in the human side of technology, building high performing teams and business transformation.

With this background and experience, Tamara was one of the keynote speakers at the conference, and spoke on the topic of "Will AI replace the Project Manager? Insights into the impacts of digital transformation on project professionals."

In a conference dominated by discussions on the escalating role of AI in project management, Tamara delivered a reassuring perspective to the project managers present. Amidst acknowledging the incredible capabilities and advantages of AI tools in project management, the speaker allayed concerns by asserting that AI is unlikely to entirely replace the role of the project manager. She delved into the limitations of narrower forms of AI, emphasising their dependence on input data and the absence of true perception of reality or common sense.

Additionally, the speaker introduced the GUIDE framework, elucidating how tools like ChatGPT could be effectively prompted through considerations of Goal, User, Instructions, Detail, and Examples. This framework serves as a valuable resource for optimising AI interactions and, coupled with a nuanced understanding of AI's capabilities and limitations, empowers project managers to harness the benefits of AI without fear of redundancy.

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Summary and key takeaways from "Key roles in an Agile Transition @ Scale " by Mr Ben Morrell & Ms Sarah Neal

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