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Why a positive work culture is essential for a successful company

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Culture surrounds us all the time. Most of the time we are exposed to the workplace culture of the company we work for, where employees share their values, belief systems and their attitudes. The leadership and the strategic organizational directions of companies have a huge influence on their workplace culture.

Organisations should consider their workplace culture in their business strategy as a positive workplace culture:

· Improves teamwork

· Increases productivity & efficiency

· Enhances retention of the workforce

· Reduces stress in employees

According to Harvard Business Review, health care provisions at high-pressure companies are almost 50% greater than at other organisations. Furthermore, 60% - 80% of workplace accidents are caused by stress.

Forbes made these suggestions to create a positive workplace culture:

· Establish clear values for your organisation

· Foster collaboration and communication

· Create an inclusive work environment

We follow these guiding steps at PMLogic as we believe in our people, lift them up, treat them with respect, give them training, so that they can reach their career goals, and we recognize diversity. Visit for more information.

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