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NAIDOC Week 2021- Heal Country!

This NAIDOC Week, PMLogic acknowledges the First Nations peoples' intimate connection to Country, and the unacceptable pain inflicted upon their Country- including language, culture, land and their peoples- over the last few centuries.

This line, from the NAIDOC website, struck a chord with us in emphasising how important it is for entire systems to change in order to Heal Country: "Healing Country is more than changing a word in our national anthem – it is about the historical, political, and administrative landscapes adapting to successfully empower and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, nations, and heritage. We are all looking for significant and lasting change."

PMLogic highly encourages you, if you haven't already, to read through the NAIDOC website ( to hear directly from our First Nations peoples on Why and What it is that must change- for us to acknowledge the centuries of exploitation, desecration, and destruction to their Country and together begin the path to Healing Country.

We stand with them to #HealCountry!

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