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Is your organisation high performing?

Is your organisation high performing?

Are you in need for a high performing culture?

A recent article in the Financial Review outlined a performance-driven culture became the new standard in the world of global technology. Personal outcomes and task completion is the new benchmark for measuring one’s performance, easily and objectively, rather than tracking one’s office face time, effort or hours worked[1].

The success of performance cultures is underlined in their philosophy. Workplace is not home and colleagues are not family. Instead, employees are treated like professional athletes – ruthlessly traded or discarded, when getting old and unfit, or not suitable for the team’s overarching tactics. This allows companies to “hire, develop and cut smartly” so that they have top performers in every position.

What is the best approach to creating the culture? Treat your company like a professional sports team!

We would recommend assessing the core abilities of each of your team members and for those roles that require team work assess the teams’ dynamics through both assessment and action based learning. Just as in sport teams, high performing teams need to have a consistent set of values and motivators so they perform both in the work place and outside. To find out more about creating high performing teams through assessment our instrument holds over 3.5 million profiles for over 28,000 organisations and action based learning, contact PMLogic.

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