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Hiring the right team for your organisation?

Are you hiring the right team for your organisation?

It is a challenge to ‘get the right people on the bus’ as Jim Collins states is one of the key principles of success is starting with ‘who’ not ‘where’ in his book Good to Great[1]. The traditional hierarchical model and job for life as all but gone, the Financial Review published an article in February 2016[2] with headline “One way of keeping Millennials is to prepare them to leave” as a business owner this is a difficult concept to take on, but with Millennials who have grown up to become a generation of self-focused individuals, driven by the prospect of fast career progression, personal development and job satisfaction, it is a fact that needs to be accepted.

Millennials thrive by performing, giving their personal best and learning new skills every day. However, as soon as they start doubting and questioning the balance of their dedication and satisfaction, there’s nothing to stop them from leaving. Not even a pay rise or promotion, which can only postpone the inevitable by 18-19 months. With an average tenure of 3.4 years in a job, the best employers can do is to “string out the relationship for as long as it is mutually beneficial” and prepare their young and talented to leave. All on good terms, so that they can return in the future, experienced and dedicated to share their valuable and ever expanding skills.

Organisations can assist their team stay longer and feel valued for longer if they support Millennials by putting them into roles that align to their capability strengths. It is well proven[3] that this approach not only will retain Millennials for longer, but will improve the overall results the team can achieve and the effort they expend will be less that those who are completing these activities not aligned to their core abilities.

To find out more on how to attract and retain high performing Millennials and increase your profitability whilst reducing cost, contact PMLogic.

[3] Caliper Profiling, a capability assessment platform with over 3.5 million profiles

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