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Case Study: Microsoft Online Implementation- DST Group

Client: Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group

Dates: Oct 2019-June 2020

Project Type: Digital


The DST Group run science based and research projects on behalf of the Department of Defence. Their programs allow Defence to innovate, take calculated risks on exploring opportunities with a multitude of Defence and international (both Defence and Non-Defence field) stakeholders prior to expanding proven research to the wider Defence organisation.

DST had been on a quest for multiple years to implement a fit for purpose Portfolio Project Management (PPM) tool. Their research had discovered that there was a fit for purpose readily available solution within the Defence environments. As a result, DST engaged PMLogic through a market based approach to resolve this challenge.

Approach Through the procurement process PMLogic were selected as the best organisation to support DST with this task. Our thought leadership in the strategy executive and program delivery meant we were well-positioned to leverage this knowledge, and we had a proven approach to configure a digital solution to meet the specific needs of DST. Furthermore, our approach to working with DST stakeholders emphasised the need for DST’s ability to sustain the system without PMLogic’s support once established. Working through PMLogic’s DELIVER framework illustrated in Appendix C, market research by DST was validated and agreement reached that the Microsoft Cloud suite was the most appropriate system, since using Microsoft Project and Office was common within DST and the broader Defence stakeholders. An earlier version of Project Server was in the environment and it was fully scalable, so once supported by Defence it could be rolled out across the whole of Defence and integrated with the existing program delivery practices. The high-level steps taken include:

  • Copied PMLogic’s demo site into a clean PMLogic hosted cloud-based environment

  • Coordinated the Defence IT areas to establish an on premise environment to host the system

  • Developed prototype using generic data as a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) for go/no-go decision on configuring an on-premise version

  • Developed the whole DST Group program delivery platform, based on Microsoft Project Online (Server), SharePoint, Business Intelligence and SSRS.

  • Worked with other branches of Defence (CIOG) to establish infrastructure it could run on.

  • Took on strategic advisor role- coaching and training some certified people within the group to understand the technology deeper so they were empowered to sustain management of portfolios and perform configurations into the future.


The resulting product that PMLogic developed for DST was called “Apollo”. It fully integrates and governs all six portfolios and every single project and program in DST.

The PMLogic difference is that we are a agile, innovative project and program management company first, and our perspective is leveraging technology to deliver the desired outcomes, enhanced using best practices including agile ways of working. Our clients benefit from this approach as it is outcomes rather than technology focused and set up by experts who understand what it takes to deliver a successful program or project and what to watch out to avoid the initiative veering off path.

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