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Initiating The Smith Family Sustainability Program

Client: The Smith Family

Dates: June - ongoing

Project Type: Discovery


The Smith Family is a leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Australian children experiencing disadvantage through educational programs.

To develop a Sustainability Strategy for improved environmental footprint. Phase One was to establish a baseline to understand the organisation's environmental footprint.

The Smith Family recognises the growing importance of environmental sustainability in today's world, driving their commitment to the delivery of this sustainability program. However, with competing priorities commencing the program in a structured way was causing difficulties, leading to the engagement of PMLogic three months into the program, to plan the program and provide program management support.


1. Program structuring

PMLogic supported the establishment of a complete structure internally, through the development of a comprehensive program plan that served as the foundation for providing directional clarity

2. Resource management

PMLogic helped to fill in resourcing gaps which had been critically affecting the delivery, by leveraging our extensive professional and academic networks

3. Initial assessment (baseline understanding)

A tailored ESG framework benchmarking tool was developed by PMLogic to be aligned with the needs of The Smith Family


PMLogic’s engagement helped The Smith Family to establish a solid foundation for a program that faced commencement challenges .

PMLogic support enabled The Smith Family to gain a data driven baseline understanding of its environmental footprint through a standards underpinned ESG framework.

During the initiation of our Sustainability Strategy, PMLogic provided invaluable support and expertise. They actively collaborated with our team, assisting in the creation of vital project artefacts, such as the RASCI chart and Project Charter. These artefacts provide a clear roadmap for our sustainability initiative, aligning seamlessly with our organisation's mission and values, demonstrating PMLogic's dedication to the success of our program. - Skye Allison, Program Manager for the Sustainability Program at The Smith Family
At the initiation phase of our sustainability program, we chose PMLogic due to their alignment with B-Corp principles and their proven capabilities, assuring us that we've initiated with the right partner for a robust sustainability strategy. - Dylan Rose, National Manager Customer Experience (CX) and Strategy at The Smith Family
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