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Authentic Project Leadership – Why it is important

Many leaders struggle with authenticity as we make more-frequent and more-radical changes in the work we do. As we continue improving, a clear and firm sense of self helps us navigate choices and progress toward our goals. However, a too rigid self-concept becomes an anchor that does not let us move forward.

Furthermore, we work with people who do not share our cultural norms and have different expectations in terms of behaviour. Often, we must choose between expectations—and therefore what is effective and our feeling of being authentic. According to Harvard Business Review, Executives facing new expectations most often struggle with authenticity in the following situations:

When they are

· taking charge in an unfamiliar role

· selling their ideas (and themselves)

· processing negative feedback

To learn to become an authentic leader, it requires some form of imitation and the ability to take elements that have been learned from others’ styles and behaviors, and to make them your own. Additionally, mentoring and coaching are also essential to become an authentic leader.

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