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Leadership Transformation: Insights from David Marquet's Journey

Captain Marquet retired from the Navy in 2009 and is the author of book “Turn the Ship Around!”. His leadership inspires Stephen Covey to put more elements into the “8th Habit” which centres on the individual contribution to society and the realization of our greater purpose. David Marquet’s leadership aboard the USS Santa Fe stands as a beacon of unconventional yet highly effective leadership in a traditionally hierarchical setting.

Marquet's Approach

Marquet's leadership approach is grounded in empowering individuals and fostering accountability. He redefined the crew's role from mere followers to active leaders, drawing inspiration from Simon Sinek's principle of 'why.' His methodology transcends naval strategy, offering profound insights applicable to project management.

Success on the USS Santa Fe

Marquet's success in 'turning around' the USS Santa Fe stemmed from his willingness to admit uncertainty and promote individual accountability. By relinquishing control and empowering his team, he catalyzed a shift where individuals took ownership and practiced activated thinking, ultimately maximizing performance in a highly structured and hierarchical military setting.

"By giving control, David created many new leaders on the Santa Fe. David taught the crew a powerful lesson of empowering and challenging each other to grow into leaders who know to give control rather than take it."

Embodying Simon Sinek's 'Why'

Marquet's leadership style embodies Simon Sinek's 'why' as its core, encouraging critical thinking, initiative, and informed decision-making based on shared mission values. Creating a safe working space allowed for collective leadership to thrive, aligning team members towards a common goal.

Applying Marquet's Leadership

Project managers can adopt Marquet's transformative leadership style by empowering team members and fostering a collaborative work environment. By shifting from micromanagement to autonomy, project managers can cultivate a sense of ownership and purpose among team members, resulting in higher motivation and performance.

"Marquet's different approach to leadership could bring greater achievement in military settings and maximize his crew’s performance, even in highly structured and hierarchical environments. This could only be possible because Marquet is able to clearly convey the purpose of their mission to his crew."

Reflecting on Marquet's leadership principles, leaders are encouraged to consider implementing similar strategies in their own leadership roles.

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