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[3] AIPM Conference Talk: Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Project Management Education

At the 2023 AIPM National Conference, our team found one of the highlights to be the talks delivered by visionary speakers, that not only captivated the audience but also left an indelible mark of inspiration. Each speaker brought a unique perspective, sharing valuable insights, groundbreaking ideas, and thought-provoking experiences. This talk given by our very own CEO and founder James Bawtree, was the first to kick off a series of following talks exploring similar topics around artificial intelligence, particularly in the project management context. James spoke on the topic of "Research and a demonstration of how project management education is being impacted by artificial intelligence," highlighting the significant impact AI could have in both an education and project management context.  

Delving into the historical evolution of AI since the late 1940s, the presentation underscored its transformative potential, particularly in education and project management. Emphasising the staggering advancements in AI technology, the talk illuminated its profound impact on student engagement and learning outcomes. Notably, AI's ability to personalise the learning experience showcased significant improvements in student performance, with ethical considerations urging a balanced approach to its integration.

Moving into the project management domain, the discussion highlighted AI's potential to revolutionise areas such as schedule management, risk assessment, and HR optimisation, offering a promising avenue for enhancing decision-making processes. James's impactful quote, "If you're not using AI yet, you're already behind," served as a catalyst for reconsideration, challenging the stigma associated with AI in academic settings, especially for me coming from a student perspective. The presentation called for a broader understanding of AI, exploration of its ethical dimensions, and proactive integration into academic and professional spheres to unlock its full potential responsibly.

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Summary and key takeaways from "Making creativity work for you" by Ms Carolyn Miller

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