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Why productivity matters in a lockdown

You need to take action - you and your employees could be losing up to 5 hours in wasted meetings per day! <steps below>

In recent years, various benefits have been arisen that are associated with home working arrangements such as flexibility, especially employees with long commute times. However, the challenges of working remotely also deserve some attention and remaining productive is especially challenging with home working arrangements due to the persisting lockdown measures.

A decrease of productivity is linked to social isolation which is negatively impacting workers’ mental health, physical discomfort in a home office and workers become more sedentary. The result is a lack of efficiency in meetings.

Statistics from The Muse and the management consulting firm Korn Ferry reveal that in 2020, Executives spent 50% of their time in meetings and therefore, their loss of time in meetings hindered them from being productive at work. Additionally, more than 35% of employees thought they had wasted two to five hours per day on meetings and calls but have nothing achieved to show.

Consequently, the inefficiency of employees leads to unproductive meetings which is a loss of billions of dollars for companies. Based on statistics from ReadyTalk, ineffective meetings cost up to $70 to $283 billion solely to the US economy.

How to boost your productivity in lockdown

Adopt these three steps to be more efficient:

  1. Have a daily timetable & stick to it.

  2. Create to-do lists with tasks sorted according to their importance.

  3. Create a working atmosphere by getting dressed for work & setting up a dedicated workspace.

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