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Why Emotional Intelligence is relevant in Project Leadership

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) means perceiving, understanding, managing, and regulating your own emotions and of the people around you.

If you want to optimize project results, you need to understand and apply the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Project Leadership

In the Project Management world, possessing a decent knowledge of EI provides the correct project environment that will give team members motivation and the ability to use their potential. Each project team has an EQ, which can be assessed through personality tests.

Based on a LinkedIn article “Emerging Trends for Project Management in Post COVID-19 Era in 2021”, a good example is leading virtual teams and online projects since Emotional Intelligence of Project Managers can help overcoming obstacles such as:

• Being able to empathize and connect with their team on an emotional level

• Improving motivation and boosting morale

• Helping Project Managers to keep an open channel of communication with teams and stakeholders

• Preventing miscommunications that could lead to misaligned goals and expectations

Why you should turn your Emotional Intelligence and the one of your team into your project

According to the PMI, people with a high EQ are able to:

· Weather storms

· Avoid taking things personally

· Network effectively

· Focus their energy on identified goals

· Quickly transform change, problems, and conflict into opportunities

· Discover and express their authenticity. Recognising, responding, and respecting yourself will cause others to recognise, respond, and respect you

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