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Thinking about the End User w/ Ralf Finchett Jnr. and James Bawtree

"This is where when you talk about a lot of projects, when projects go live and we all go "We delivered, we've gone live, yay!"… And the next thing you know, you get this big bang approach and all of a sudden these users surprise you and use it in different ways that you never thought of."

Using the COVID-19 vaccine project as an example, Ralf Finchett Jr talks about the rift between rolling out a new project and achieving the intended outcome (in this case, public health and safety)- and how to ensure we properly adapt to the end users at every stage.

Ralf Finchett Jr and James Bawtree are our guests today on The Coffee Project- next week, we continue the conversation on the intricacies of project delivery using the COVID-19 vaccine as a worked example of a real life project at a vast global scale that's happening before our very eyes.

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