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On Bots, AI and the Future of Project Management w/ Geetha Gopal

When we think about the "Future", we think of AI & bots, Tesla cars and ultra-fast internet- but have you ever considered that the future is here, now?

The rate of change and nature of digital transformations has completely reinvented itself in the last 6 months. This conversation with Geetha began with a discussion of shiny AI and bots, but quickly segued into the importance of people's mindsets and workplace practices evolving AHEAD of the technology.

Are people ultimately in the driver's seat of a vehicle that's hurtling inevitably into the "Future"- and perhaps is that future here already?

Get in touch with PMLogic to see how you can stay ahead of the game- with digital and people working hand in hand.

This is also the last segment of our conversation with Geetha Gopal- she has been such a pleasure to host and so generous with her wisdom. Thank you Geetha!

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