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Highlights from APM Conference 2024 in the UK

Updated: Jul 4

Recap of Navigating Tomorrow: Future Skills for Project Professionals

The APM Conference 2024, themed "Navigating Tomorrow: Future Skills for Project Professionals," was held on June 5-6 at the Coventry Building Society Arena in the UK. This event brought together leaders and experts in project management to discuss emerging trends, skills, and challenges shaping the industry's future.

Key Insights and Takeaways:

APM and PMI Collaboration: 

  • The conference highlighted the collaborative efforts between APM and PMI to strengthen the project management profession globally. This partnership underscores unified strategies in advancing standards and practices across diverse sectors.

Dr. Paul Redmond's Perspective: 

  • Dr. Redmond provided a thought-provoking analysis of demographic shifts within the workforce. He emphasized the evolving roles of different generational cohorts, highlighting the digital literacy essential for navigating future workplace dynamics.

Daniel Amanious on Psychological Safety: 

  • Amanious explored the critical role of psychological safety in fostering high-performing teams. He underscored the importance of creating inclusive environments where team members feel empowered to innovate and collaborate effectively.

Eddie Obeng's Vision: 

  • Obeng discussed the transformative potential of effective data management and organizational agility. He urged organizations to adopt proactive strategies in navigating rapid technological advancements and market disruptions.

Andy Bevington on Project Assurance: 

  • Bevington shared insights into best practices in project assurance and governance. His session emphasized the importance of robust project management frameworks in mitigating risks and ensuring project success.

Hugo Minney and Merv Wyeth: Using Benefits Management to Drive Change

  • Hugo Minney and Merv Wyeth from the APM Benefits and Value Interest Network discussed how an integrated approach to benefits management bridges the gap between project planning and value creation. They highlighted practical tools that focus on benefits and value at every decision point and showed how Benefits Management can motivate teams by addressing mindset, toolset, and skillset. Attendees learned to apply these concepts to real-world scenarios.

Thimon de Jong's Insights: 

  • De Jong delved into the concept of 'polycrisis' and its implications for societal resilience. He advocated for holistic approaches to address complex challenges, stressing the need for adaptive strategies and proactive leadership.

Michelle and Karen's Sustainability Focus: 

  • Michelle and Karen highlighted the integration of sustainability principles into project management practices. They emphasized the alignment of projects with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the growing imperative of corporate social responsibility.

Hugo Minney and Merv Wyeth on Benefits Management: 

  • Minney and Wyeth explored the strategic importance of benefits management in maximizing project outcomes. Their discussion centered on aligning project deliverables with organizational objectives and optimizing stakeholder value.

Save the date for the next APM Conference scheduled for June 11-12 in UK, Coventry. Join us to connect with industry leaders, expand your knowledge, and explore the latest advancements in project management.

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