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Get Axelos-certified with PMLogic

Whether you're seeking to learn new skills and frameworks, to get certified or to get some targeted advice, PMLogic can assist you with your learning goals.

PMLogic offers a number of Axelos certifications- although there are 3 in particular that we particularly recommend :

Other Axelos products that we offer include: PRINCE2®, ITIL®, AgileSHIFT®, M_o_R®, MoP®.

Applying as an individual?

If you’re looking to complete your certification as an individual, we offer self-study support.

In that case, we recommend the following learning pathway:

  • Purchase e-learning content or order the textbook from Axelos and self study using those resources.

  • PMLogic can arrange order the exam(s) for you when you are ready to take the exam. You can then choose to schedule the exam at your own convenience.

  • If additional targeted coaching is needed, book into a 1-to-1 Coaching Session with an accredited Axelos trainer (currently available at $150 incl GST/30 mins).

The cost of the exam fluctuates according to the market, so we can confirm the actual price of the exam at the time of ordering. Get in touch with us stating the certification you'd like to attain- we will send you additional resources then and assist you throughout the process!

Unfortunately, we do not currently run any public courses for individuals with set times/dates.

Looking to level up in an Axelos product as a team?

If you’re looking for group training, we can certainly run a dedicated course for your team. Typically it’s run as a 3-5 day workshop at your organisation site at a date of your choosing, and we would recommend a group of 8-16 attendees to keep the costs down.

If that’s what you’re looking for, please submit an enquiry letting us know the number of participants, approximately when you are looking to have it and your organisation. We will get back to you ASAP with a quote.

Looking for targeted group training?

If getting the whole team certified in an Axelos product is not a priority, but you'd like to learn some of the theories, frameworks and worked examples blended with specific advice and expertise, you may want to consider holding a custom workshop.

If so, we encourage you to book in for a FREE Initial Consult with one of our expert trainers to explore how we can work with you to achieve your team goals.

We also have some resources available at our Insights page for your perusal.

If this didn't cover what you were looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s any other way PMLogic can support your Project Management training journey. We'd love to hear from you!

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Getting certified by Axelos can help you to boost your career. It helps you to have more opportunities. I highly recommend taking PRINCE2 because it is applicable to all projects.

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