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Certifications & Competency: Zoning in on YOUR unique areas for improvement (6/6)

“As individuals we tend to climb to our levels of incompetence. We behave as though up is better and more is better, and yet all around us we see the tragic victims of this mindless escalation,” Laurence J. Peter theorised in The Peter Principle.

Project managers are, in effect, leaders. Today, we zero-in on a handy survey tool that Dr Raymond Young (and colleagues) have developed to decode an individual's key areas for improvement- and the importance of understanding YOUR personal career trajectory in order to develop the skill sets you need to be confident and competent in your position.

This is 6/6 of our Certifications and PM Competence series, featuring Dr Raymond Young and James Bawtree ChPP- be sure to head to our playlist to catch up!

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