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Case Study: Gateway Reviews- Department of Customer Services, NSW Treasury

Client: Department of Customer Services, NSW Treasury

Dates: Jan 2020- Present

Project Type: Reviews


Aligned to the NSW Government audit and assurance framework there are defined points in a program’s timeline where an external evaluation is crucial in validating that the case for change is still valid, risks are being appropriately governed and controlled and the what, how and whom is optimised to achieve the desired benefits.

The Department of Customer Services and NSW Treasury engage PMLogic’s CEO as part of their Gateway Review team to perform gateway reviews as well as periodic health checks as an essential part of the funding approval and ongoing investment process.

Approach Following the NSW Gateway Review or Health Check process to check and validate:

  • The business case

  • Review cost benefit and sensitivity analysis and check confidence of stakeholders the initiative will achieve its goals

  • The viability of all options and if the recommended option delivers the best value for money and is most feasible

  • A program strategy has been agreed, which defines the approach to delivering outcomes needed to achieve the benefits captured within the business case

  • Roles are responsibilities are defined and sufficiently skilled resources are available to deliver the user stories or products within the plan

  • Risks are owned, controls are defined and treatment activities are appropriate and being actively managed

Outcomes A report with findings and recommendations is produced for the sponsor to agree to and complete. The report includes a narrative on what the reviews have found and areas that they recommend need addressing based on severity. The process includes:

  • Advice to the program or project stakeholders based on experience Best Practices (e.g. MSP and PRINCE2 Agile)

  • Reviewing the current approach and any recommendations for improvement.

  • A confidence rating in specific areas (i.e. risk)

  • Providing confidence to the Sponsor and NSW Treasury that their programs or projects can succeed

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I would be interested to hear about the outcomes of this work. Especially as I have previously understood the Information Technology Assurance Framework (IAF) and developed for DFSI (now DCS) the Assurance Framework (ICT Assure) for for projects and programs that did not need to use the IAF.

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