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Case Study: Executive Coaching and Training- QIC

Client: QIC (Queensland Investment Corporation)

Dates: Jan 2020- Present

Project Type: Training


Like all large, multi-national organisations, QIC run significant programs with numerous stakeholders, both internal and external. QIC were looking for external input to optimise the way those projects and programs operate.

PMLogic were engaged onto a coaching engagement to review and optimise one key project and one key program. There was also a big focus on the steering committee- making sure the sponsor is as confident as they can be that the program and project are set up for success, and optimizing their ways of working within that executive level.

Approach PMLogic have subsequently been engaged to:

  • Coach and review 1 key program

  • Coach and review 1 key project

  • Provide Steering Committee Training- workshops and individual coaching

  • Give recommendations and advise on internal policies and standards, leveraging global best practice (MSP, PRINCE2 Agile).

Outcomes Our independent review and iso-standards has given QIC to gain a holistic view of what’s working well, and what’s not doing so well.

Through working with the Steering Committee, EPMOs and Organisational Change Management, QIC’s People, and in particular their leaders and executives, have been successfully adopting new work practices and continually optimising their governance of programs.

A very tangible example is that they have seen an increase in Steering Committee members asking good questions in their Steering Committee Meetings!

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