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Are you hiring CEOs with the right qualities?

Are you hiring CEO’s with the right qualities?

In the highly volatile and rapidly changing world, CEOs can no longer be hired solely based on their intelligence, experience and past performance. Not even purely based on their competency fit as executive roles are no longer standardised and transversal.[1]

Potential to adapt is the must-have trait of aspiring CEOs

Egon Zehnder, an executive search firm, identified a new hiring trend based on one’s potential to adapt while navigating through the chaotic and ever changing environment. Jobs of the future are likely to be more complex and a perfect competency fit will need to be accompanied by the “right potential to continue growing and changing and learning”.

Leaders of tomorrow will be curious, engaged, determined and visionary, on top of possessing vital characteristics already proven from traditional and competency-based hiring.

Do you have the leader of tomorrow lined up in your succession plan?

At PMLogic we are seeing many CEO’s being hired based on their ability to incrementally improve shareholder value by taking a conservative approach to their company’s growth, this may have worked in the past but will not do so in the future. Competitors are no longer coming from the same industry such as Tesla’s disruption of the energy industry due to improvements in battery technology needed for their vehicles.

To find out more about hiring the right CEO and leaders and how to measure they ability to assess your organisation’s holistic environment leveraging system’s thinking [2].

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