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Welcome to our newly launched PMLogic Leaders Lab webinar series, where national and international leaders from various industries come together to share their knowledge and experience. In our Leaders Lab series, we explore project leadership styles, how to deal with risks in complex projects, ethics in project management and lots more.  


We will discuss the impacts across various sectors, highlight benefits and challenges, and we will predict future business models as well as project management methods in a constantly changing environment.



Why PMLogic Leaders Lab?



Well, learn about some facts below! 


Project managers often have a poor connection with their team due to a lack of time. However, applying Artificial Intelligence techniques and Emotional Intelligence will solve their issue. Based on PMI’s and Harvard Business Review’s findings, only 28% of organisations use project performance measures and organisations that value EI have stronger customer experience ratings (37% vs 8%) as well as higher levels of customer loyalty (40% vs 12%) compared to those who don’t.  

If you are a leader and have something to share about the projectisation of organisations and impact on leaders please email to to arrange a discussion with the topic you would like to talk about.  

PMLogic Leaders Lab

PMLogic Leaders Lab

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